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eMindMaps - publisher: M-Urge

eMindMaps is a simplified version of Mind Manager.    It is essentially a tool for organising ideas into a coherent form and linking documents together in a "brainstorming" fashion - it is a particularly important tool in the new models of learning being developed in the University of the First Age and, in secondary schools, the Excellence in Cities project.

eMindMaps is included in the Primary AbilITy 2000 and Secondary AbilITy 2000 suites

CDROM and single licence

n/a - you can download from the BGfL
Additional Licence £free! until 31st Dec 2001

FREE OFFER!!!!   Until 31st December 2001, Birmingham schools can download eMindMaps onto any school system connected to the Grid.    Click on this link, save it to a suitable folder, then double-click the EXE file that results to install it on your machine.    You can also download it to a network server, then "explode" the software onto one workstation and replicate the installation in the usual way (using Picture Taker or Application Wizard, for example).

Downloading should take around 4-5 minutes on an ISDN line, considerably less on a leased line.