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ICT in the Home
Parents helping to shape the future of technology development in Birmingham

Take part in this survey intended specifically for parents.  It is an opportunity to provide information about your own experience of IT Technology in your home and your thoughts on future uses of computers and other technology for study, work and play.  Just click the button below to launch the ICT in the Home online questionnaire.

Click to launch the questionnaire.

The aim of this activity is to capture a snapshot of your interaction with IT Technologies in the 21st Century; your thoughts and perspectives on the current and future uses of technology within learning environments (e.g. schools / libraries), at home and at play and your visions for the future.

The results of this consultation will help inform a wide spectrum of decision-makers, from teachers / teaching practitioners to Government Policy Makers and Researchers, with the overarching theme of establishing Birmingham as a Digital City.  Thus, providing Birmingham citizens with a robust and active infrastructure, which as well as meeting the needs of, supports and fosters the aspirations of the people of Birmingham and brings meaning to:

Going Global - Looking Local!

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